Surveying and Geomatics

Asset and Infrastructure Mobile Mapping

Imagine a surveying vehicle equipped to capture 3D measurements and data in a single crossing of your project site. And imagine bringing this imagery to your desktop.

Through GeoAutomation® technology, mobile mapping solutions are more cost-effective, schedule-friendly, and accurate than ever before. GeoAutomation® is an advanced photographic imaging and data reduction system that can be used for:

  • Asset management
  • GIS data collection
  • Pavement assessment
  • Virtual facility management
  • Inventory and engineering surveys
  • Risk management
  • 3D modeling
  • Conventional surveying and mapping
Cities, counties, state agencies, departments of transportation, utility districts, and emergency services can benefit from a data set that provides attribute information as well as multiple color views of a feature in its surroundings.

How does it work?

The system captures 3D data through multiple cameras mounted on a vehicle. The enclosed vehicle system provides a safe collection environment and reduces costs and time by minimizing the need to put personnel in the field. Depending on project needs, data collection can be tailored for standard or high accuracy mapping — from 2 to 25 centimeters.

The system can work in tandem with GPS or without GPS. The overlapping imagery from 14 cameras virtually eliminates areas of obscurity and allows for a thorough data collection of physical features. This means DEA surveyors can collect information in areas where GPS signals are weak or non-existent, such as urban canyons and tunnels, providing imagery that allows for updating geospatial information from the desktop.

Back in the office, the software interfaces directly with common CAD and GIS platforms. Such compatibility means that you can access data in the platform environment of your choice. Through GeoAutomation®, you can visualize, manage, analyze, store, and present imagery-based data that is linked to your existing location-based systems.

Data collection has never been so efficient and user accessible than when combining GeoAutomation® and DEA’s surveying expertise. In most situations, a single pass at traffic speed will allow DEA to collect data, tag objects, map locations, determine existing conditions, and provide clients with precise measurements. Imagine it: You can take a virtual tour of your project from the safety and comfort of your computer.

Snohomish County Mobile Mapping Pilot Project

When Snohomish County sought to develop an asset maintenance management system, its goal was to collect, identify, and inventory assets within the county’s right-of-way and assets under its maintenance program. DEA was responsible for mapping and collecting roadway attributes.

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