Surveying and Geomatics

Laser Scanning and Mapping

Investing in our survey team by developing and honing their skills and expertise is among the ways we assist our clients with their projects. As pioneers in our profession, the staff at DEA consistently seeks out the latest in technology to meet the changing needs of the A/E/C industry.

Since 2001, DEA has been a leader in providing high definition scanning (HDS) services. To gather information quickly and accurately for our clients, DEA utilizes two methods of ground-based laser scanning: static and mobile.

The advantages of our static HDS services are immediate results and complete coverage data acquisition as well as a reduction in the need to revisit sites for pickup work. The system provides a complete archive of data for future reference and automatically captures data in 3D, providing significant detail on modeling and measuring. DEA has used 3D laser scanning for large structures and road surveys, providing reliable and accurate results.

In 2008, DEA acquired the revolutionary mobile laser scanning system. This system is a vehicle-mounted ground LiDAR data acquisition system that safely and quickly collects point clouds of survey information. It is designed for large mapping projects requiring high accuracy and maximum data coverage, and it is a versatile solution when conventional data collection methods are impossible or are too expensive. The mobile system acquires a dense point cloud of data from multiple scanning lasers on a vehicle traveling safely at highway or railway speeds.

Specializing in the collection of high definition laser scanning surveys allows us to prepare deliverables that are compatible with standard CAD and GIS software. The data captured can be incorporated into an established, efficient workflow to manage and deliver only what meets the needs of the client. DEA has used scanning for bridges, national monuments, historic structures, railroads, building exteriors and interiors, dam monitoring, and roadway surveys — while providing the desired level of accuracy in each instance. The advantages of using a scanning approach are immediate results, complete coverage data acquisition, and a reduction of site visits.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Route and Conflict Mapping

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has a new home in the City of Los Angeles, but getting there was no small feat. DEA employed 3D mobile laser scanning technology to collect data and identify obstacles along the 15-mile route.

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