Surveying and Geomatics

Geographic Information Systems

The highly skilled Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals at DEA provide essential information and analysis to many technical services. Their years of experience, training, and specialized skills are supported by state-of-the-art GIS software and hardware tools. The GIS team shares technical knowledge and experience, and collaborates on various projects requiring mapping, geospatial analysis, and dynamically maintained GIS data. The GIS professionals work both within and across company disciplines in support of projects including: transportation plans and corridor studies, NEPA documentation, natural resource assessments, land development and land use plans, water resource plans, and hydrographic services.

With hands-on experience and depth of resources, DEA has the capacity and capabilities to provide clients with more than the typical GIS services. The most critical portion of GIS services involves ease of use by the end-user. Before beginning any project, DEA speaks with the client in detail to understand the client’s needs. DEA’s GIS staff is especially skilled at interoperability between GIS and CAD platforms. DEA has utilized GPS technology for nearly 25 years and routinely maps features using handheld receivers. Staff can then combine this information with laser scanning technology to provide mapping products in any format, including shapefiles, coverages, or geodatabases.

Our professionals are experienced in GIS and remote sensing and have successfully completed projects using a host of industry-standard mapping and spatial analysis tools, including ArcGIS, ArcGlobe, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, and Erdas Imaging. DEA has a proven track record of providing high quality professional services in various disciplines that make use of GIS technology.


  • Hydrographic surveying
  • CAD/GIS integration
  • Data delivery in shapefile, coverage, and geodatabase formats
  • Database design and implementation
  • Dynamic segmentation and route systems
  • GPS/GIS integration
  • Terrain modeling
The Arapahoe/Parker Interchange Final Design

DEA was the lead design firm for the final phase of construction of Denver’s Arapahoe/Parker Interchange project, the culmination of 10 years of collaborative efforts between the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Arapahoe County, and other local jurisdictions.

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