Surveying and Geomatics

Asset and Infrastructure Mobile Mapping

Snohomish County Mobile Mapping Pilot Project

Location: Snohomish County, Washington

When the Snohomish County Public Works Department sought to develop an asset maintenance management system, its goal was to collect, identify, and inventory assets within the county’s right-of-way and assets under its maintenance program. The county decided to execute a pilot project that would assess the capabilities, cost efficiency, and ease of use of DEA’s asset and infrastructure mobile mapping technology, GeoAutomation® (Digital Imagery Mapping), compared to mobile laser scanning technologies, a separate technical specialty offered by DEA.

The pilot project involved the collection of three miles of roadway features. DEA was responsible for mapping and collecting roadway attributes for pavement markings, aboveground utilities, signs, guardrails, jersey barrier, planter strips, retaining walls, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and signals. Deliverables included ESRI-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) feature data sets, post-processed data, detailed images from 14 cameras that captured images at a rate of 21 per second per camera, software to view and extract data (x, y, and z values of each unique pixel), and a positional control and accuracy statement. DEA checked the position (x, y, and z) values of 40 points as an average representation of the data points collected. The average accuracy of the 40 points was within 0.2 inches for x, 0.2 inches for y, and 0.2 inches for z values — highly accurate results.

Because the resulting images were only 250KB of data, county staff had the option and flexibility to process data themselves. The pilot project met the county’s expectation, and DEA’s asset and infrastructure mobile mapping technology was determined to provide optimal results.

Project Awards

  • 2013 Silver Award for Originality/Innovation, ACEC Washington