Surveying and Geomatics

Land Development

Phoenix Convention Center

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

DEA was the site civil and traffic engineer for the $600 million expansion of the Phoenix Convention Center. Work included traffic studies modeled in CORSIM to analyze downtown traffic circulation patterns,, temporary signals design, and coordination with the City of Phoenix and Valley Metro Rail to locate and design permanent signals adjacent to the site. Other major offsite work included roadway and utility demolition and reconstruction of 3rd Street and Washington Street, and modifications to 2nd Street, 5th Street, and Monroe Street. Features include new paving, curbs, walks, decorative paving, drainage structures, utilities, lighting, signing, striping, and signalization. Challenges included integrating Valley Metro’s light rail system with the Convention Center, eliminating the existing depressed sections in 3rd and Washington streets, and coordinating among all disciplines to create a seamless final product.

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