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Statue of Liberty Scanning, Liberty Island National Monument

Location: New York City, New York

DEA performed a dual data collection technique topographic mapping survey, consisting of a laser scanning survey and photography, on a 4-acre portion of Liberty Island National Monument in New York. DEA determined that the best method for capturing the detailed mapping that the National Park Service required was through the use of the latest in technology — creating a detailed, up-to-date survey with photographic documentation. DEA’s surveying and geomatics team scanned and photographed the project area and created a 3D point cloud of the entire area for survey grade measurements and an easy viewing interface. Using any standard computer, these value-added deliverables allow the user to access the laser scans and 360° panoramic photographic images at various locations within the mapping limits. The cutting-edge products were provided in addition to our highly detailed topographic map that was delivered as a smart PDF, which linked to the photographic and laser scan products. DEA also performed a first order horizontal and vertical global positioning fast static survey and established National Park Service permanent survey control monuments. DEA was the first land surveying firm to establish such monuments on the historic island.

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