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Land Development

University of Washington Denny Hall Attic Existing Conditions Laser Scanning

Location: Seattle, Washington

Denny Hall, completed in 1895, is the oldest building on the University of Washington's Seattle Campus. The four-story structure is slated for a complete renovation and seismic upgrade. As part of the renovation, the attic space is going to be used for lofts or other space modifications.

DEA completed a laser scanning survey of the attic space and took 360-degree digital photos throughout the area. Since models already had been completed by the architect and structural engineer, it was not necessary for DEA to create a three dimensional model of the area. All that was needed was to rectify the existing models of the area to the true as-built conditions.

DEA constrained the laser scans to the existing model coordinate system established by the architect and then imported the laser scan files into the design modeling software Revit and Navisworks. Once the laser scans were imported into the design software, the existing models were then adjusted to fit the laser scanned, as-built point cloud. In addition, DEA created a photo map with the 360-degree photos, so that the designers could virtually step back into the attic from their desktop computers at any time.