Surveying and Geomatics

Land Development

Patriot Square Parking Structure Laser Scanning

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

When Red Development, LLC, was hired to design a high-rise building to be constructed on top of an existing underground parking garage, they contacted DEA to provide for survey needs for the project.

DEA performed the above-ground mapping and boundary work with conventional survey methods, and used laser scanning to gather the horizontal and vertical locations of the columns, slabs, beams, utilities, piping, and other features required for the design work. DEA controlled the scanning conventionally to ensure accurate horizontal and vertical correlation of the above-ground mapping with the below-ground scanning.

From the laser scanned point clouds, DEA built a three-dimensional solid model of the parking garage for use in the design effort. The solid model allowed the design engineers to extract the horizontal and vertical locations of the items needed for their design and provided a base for the design model.