Surveying and Geomatics

Transportation Infrastructure

Pier B Rail Yard Expansion

Location: Long Beach, California

Working under an on-call survey contract with the Port of Long Beach, California, DEA surveyors provided surveying and mapping support services for the Pacific Harbor Line (PHL) rail lines, the Pier B rail yard, and the Jacobs track realignment project. Using mobile 3D high definition scanning (HDS) techniques, DEA captured and delivered the required data to the client within a minimal time frame and to the client’s required standards.

Horizontal and vertical control was established along the corridor to support the HDS data and to supplement the topographic, utility, and boundary surveys within the project limits. DEA surveyors used conventional ground surveys and terrestrial HDS methods to complete the topographic survey of the site. Mobile HDS methods were used along the rail, and the equipment was mounted onto a PHL Hy-Rail vehicle so the unit could operate directly on the rail to capture the best data throughout the corridor and the rail yards.

DEA additionally used mobile HDS methods to augment surface street information within the project area. High definition video was also captured to assist in supplementing the scanning mission and to provide the Pier B team with photo as-builts of the project. Conventional survey methods were used as a quality control check and to capture measurements on features such as visible surface utility features that could not all be captured using HDS. The topographic mapping was then prepared utilizing MicroStation V8.

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