Surveying and Geomatics

Transportation Infrastructure

Portland International Airport, Runway 10R-28L (South Runway) Pavement Mapping

Location: Portland, Oregon

The Port of Portland engaged DEA to map the south runway and two taxiways at the Portland International Airport. The port requires high levels of accuracy and precision due to the Federal Aviation Administration tolerances on international runways. Additionally, DEA staff who worked on the project underwent extensive federal background checks due their presence on the airfield.

DEA completed the collection phase of the project in two evenings with the assistance of the port’s operations and collected more than 100 lineal miles of data. This was accomplished using the TiTAN ground-mobile LiDAR system in conjunction with traditional methods of surveying to map pavement areas, utilities, and directional signage. By deploying the TiTAN system, DEA was able to minimize the impact to airport operations on the active airfield.

DEA successfully delivered these deliverables under an extremely aggressive schedule without hindering port operations or project schedule. Final deliverables, which included a topographic base map and a digital terrain model with contours at 0.2-foot intervals, was completed in accordance with Port of Portland standards.