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South Line Mobile Laser Scanning

Location: San Diego County, California

DEA provided design-level topographic surveys for 16 miles of light rail line for the South Line Corridor of the Blue Line Trolley in San Diego County under an on-call contract with the San Diego Association of Governments.

In an effort to minimize the need for flaggers and to lessen the interruption to rail schedules, DEA used the TiTANĀ® mobile scanner to collect the survey data for the railroad right-of-way. Data was gathered for the top of rail, ballast, and all railroad and utility features within the rail right-of-way. DEA installed the TiTANĀ® system on a Hy-Rail vehicle and operated the system on the tracks during nighttime hours in between trolley runs.

DEA also used 3D laser scanning to capture the detail for each platform and station site along the corridor. The final survey base map included design-level topographic mapping, digital orthophotography, and a record land net. This mapping will be used for the future design of grade separations, and platform and rail improvements.

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