Bridges and Structures

Abernethy Creek Bridge Replacement

Location: Oregon City, Oregon

The new Abernethy Creek Bridge in Oregon City, Oregon, replaced an 80-year-old timber structure that was deteriorating and severely weight restricted. A critical project goal was to preserve Oregon City’s history while providing adequate capacity to serve future needs.

The replacement bridge is about three times as wide as the original structure and incorporates four travel lanes, bike lanes, and a sidewalk. The DEA team worked with a citizen task force to design the bridge railing to complement the character of and create a fitting entry to the historic downtown.

The project also improved the health of the creek and the surrounding environment by collecting and treating stormwater that previously had drained into the creek. DEA also reduced the number of piers in the floodplain and enhanced the riparian habitat surrounding the bridge.

DEA provided preliminary engineering, construction engineering, NEPA environmental assessment, surveying, traffic engineering, and public involvement services.

Project Awards

  • 2004 Grand Award, ACEC Oregon


“The Oregon City community is very pleased with our new bridge that not only replaces an 80-year-old timber structure that suffered from strict weight limits and high maintenance needs, but is expected to greatly contribute to the city’s long-term economic development.”

—Nancy Kraushaar, P.E.
City Engineer/Public Works Director