Transit and Railroad

South Ferry Street Terminal

Location: New York City, New York

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority constructed an improved South Ferry Terminal for two New York City subway lines, located underneath Peter Minuit Plaza in Lower Manhattan. The existing terminal and loop tracks were built underneath Battery Park at the tip of Lower Manhattan at the turn of the twentieth century. DEA served as the Federal Transit Administration’s Project Management Oversight Contractor monitoring project progress and budget performance, compliance with approved project management plans, as well as compliance with safety and quality programs.

The South Ferry Street Terminal Project corrected existing physical and operating deficiencies that limited train capacity and reduced subway reliability for millions of customers each year. The new terminal reduces customer travel time, provides additional station entrances with ADA accessibility, and offers a new free transfer between the South Ferry Terminal and the Whitehall Street Subway Station. Additionally, the terminal provides a quick transfer to the Staten Island Ferry and connection to New York City bus lines.