Transit and Railroad

Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail

Location: Portland to Milwaukie, Oregon

The Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail (PMLR) project connects Portland State University and downtown Portland with the South Waterfront community and the communities of Milwaukie and Oak Grove. The East Segment of PMLR was one of three projects within the overall PMLR project. DEA was selected to provide final design services for the East Segment of the alignment, which begins at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and continues south to the cities of Milwaukie and Oak Grove. The route includes eight stations, two of which were park-and-ride, multimodal transit stations.

DEA’s Final Engineering Design services include: track design plan and profile; civil engineering, including drainage, utilities, and street improvements; structural engineering, including bridge design, retaining walls, and parking structures programming requirements; and architectural design, including station design, integration of station urban design developed by TriMet staff, urban/suburban context, and landscape design.

TriMet is the lead agency for the East Segment PMLR Project, and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is the federal grantor. Work programs, procedures, and products are subject to FTA review and approval.