Transit and Railroad

Spokane South Valley Corridor Light Rail

Location: Spokane to Liberty Lake, Washington

DEA served as the general management and engineering consultant for the Spokane Transit Authority's Spokane Regional Light Rail Project. The project anticipates development of a 16-mile light rail transit system from downtown Spokane east to Liberty Lake. The project involved development of a variety of alignment conditions, including in-street, along active railroads, and in abandoned railroad right-of-way. As the prime consultant, DEA led a team of specialists from 15 firms to guide the project through alternatives analysis, environmental clearance, and decision making with respect to the approval process of the Federal Transit Administration. DEA provided overall project management, civil engineering, track design, traffic engineering, real estate services, cost estimating, quality control, and public involvement consulting.

As part of the public involvement, alternatives analysis, and environmental planning tasks for this project, DEA facilitated public meetings with community leaders to help the group reach consensus on the best transit alternative for the region. DEA led the team in the development of an interactive, touch-screen public kiosk that included voice-over narration, animated visualization of transit alternatives, and an on-line public survey. Based on the information provided by DEA, the project steering committee and the public were able to select a preferred alternative.