Transit and Railroad

Seattle International Gateway Intermodal Yard Improvements

Location: Seattle, Washington

BNSF wanted to increase both capacity and efficiency at its Seattle International Gateway Intermodal Facility (SIG) by installing four wide-span, electric, rail-mounted gantry cranes. These zero-emission cranes are significantly wider than traditional cranes, spanning three tracks, and reduce the need for diesel trucks to move containers within the facility, effectively reducing the facility’s impact on the environment. In addition, the new cranes have the ability to regenerate power each time they lower a load and are quieter than traditional cranes. BNSF is the first railroad in North America to install these cranes.

BNSF hired DEA to prepare preliminary engineering plans and final construction contract plans for the new crane tracks and associated loading, unloading, and stacking areas. DEA also provided BNSF with survey and mapping services and bidding support services. DEA brought the capabilities of our multi-discipline, multi-office team together to collaborate on this project.

Project Awards

  • 2009 Gold Award for Social, Economic, and Sustainable Design Considerations from ACEC of Washington