Construction Engineering

Deep Creek Bridge #4 Replacement

Location: Boundary County, Idaho

DEA provided construction engineering and inspection services for this project. The bridge consisted of steel shell pilings, field-cast pile caps and abutments, and pre-stressed deck and girder members. DEA’s role as the construction manager included interfacing with the owner, impacted utility companies, and adjacent property owners, as well as providing general construction administration. DEA coordinated the construction team’s task of ensuring compliance with environmental and Federal Aid provisions, meeting sampling and testing requirements, providing on-site inspection, and managing the change orders and requests for information. The environmental compliance components included monitoring of the contractor’s stormwater and erosion control management, and biological monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas. Materials testing and sampling of gradation and asphalt was performed in compliance with ITD, LHTAC, and Federal Highway Administration standards. DEA monitored progress, documented work accomplished, prepared payment documents, and tracked time status.