Construction Engineering

Port of Vancouver Schedule 1 Rail Phases A and B

Location: Vancouver, Washington

For this complex project, DEA led a team that included three proposed team members for Schedule 1 of the Port’s WVFA program of rail access improvements. The improvements provide the new connection to the BNSF mainline at the east end of the WVFA corridor. In order to provide the connection, the industrial track connections and spurs to La Farge Cement and Albina Fuel were completely reconfigured. The construction had to be staged to minimize operational and access impacts and outages to the two facilities. DEA designed more than 2,600 feet of lead track, two double-track bridges, and 50,000 square feet of retaining walls. The DEA team conferred with the Port and the industries during the design to plan the modifications and provide clear guidance for contractors in the plans and specifications for construction.