Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Wapato Creek Restoration

Location: Fife, Washington

The City of Fife, Washington, selected DEA to design the widening of 70th Avenue East from two to five lanes and Valley Avenue East from two to four lanes. To accommodate the widening, DEA had to relocate Wapato Creek and mitigate for impacts to wetlands.

DEA prepared the stream and wetland mitigation design to relocate 760 feet of Wapato Creek. Mitigation included creation of 1.83 acres of wetland and 2.23 acres of upland buffer along the stream channel. Key features of the design included a backwater channel, two engineered stream log jams, numerous floodplain log jams, and standing snags for wildlife. The relocated creek and restored wetlands significantly improved fish and wildlife habitat and water quality, while increasing flood storage.

DEA also prepared all the environmental approvals and permits including a NEPA Documented Categorical Exclusion and supporting reports on biological resources, farmlands, land use, socioeconomics, water resources, and environmental justice. DEA prepared a Section 404 individual permit with a 404(b)(1) alternatives analysis and completed the Section 7 consultation under the Endangered Species Act by preparing a biological assessment. DEA provided construction management and long-term monitoring of the site.

Project Awards

  • VISION 2040 Award, Puget Sound Regional Council