Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Caldera Fish Ladder

The Caldera Fish Ladder and Fish Screen project is part of an ongoing effort to open up heritage fish passages throughout the Deschutes Basin in Oregon. The project had to meet strict Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) permitting requirements for the fish ladder, and make minimal impact on forests and fragile riparian areas, which were severely damaged in a 2003 fire.

The project team’s solution was a prefabricated stainless steel fish ladder with several advantages over traditional concrete fish ladders: First, using steel eliminated the need for the heavy excavating machinery needed for concrete. Second, steel ladders could be built in remote or environmentally sensitive areas previously inaccessible due to equipment or conservation issues. Third, because the ladder was prefabricated and easy to install, the environmental impact was minimized. Finally, a cost analysis of the steel ladder showed it was an economically viable alternative to concrete.

Project Awards

  • 2006 Honor Award, ACEC Oregon