Land Development

Mixed-use Urban

Point Wells Urban Center

Location: Snohomish County, Washington

DEA was responsible for the comprehensive plan amendment and rezone application to transform a 66-acre industrial site into a sustainable mixed-use residential and commercial development with restored natural habitats, public open space, and beach access. After the comprehensive plan change and rezone was approved, DEA assisted the legal team to develop entitlement strategies to defend the rezone against challenges from adjoining municipalities and citizen groups. DEA managed the land use application process for the urban center, which will include more than 3,000 residential condominiums. This involved providing the project team a list of the necessary deliverables to support the application and to provide quality assurance and quality control services to ensure the deliverables met the county standards. DEA provided in-depth transportation analysis for the site, which is served by a single two-lane road through a residential neighborhood. DEA also prepared the critical area study and mitigation plan that includes specifications for 3,500 linear feet of beach restoration on Puget Sound. The rezoning effort required close coordination with Snohomish County to provide a detailed conceptual master plan and address the county’s comprehensive plan policies, as well as the City of Shoreline’s and Town of Woodway’s community development concerns. The site includes 45.7 acres of uplands designated for mixed-use redevelopment and 16 acres of adjoining tidelands that will remain undeveloped except for the site’s existing deepwater pier. The tidelands have retained their existing Shoreline Master Program Conservancy Environment designation.