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Gateway Green Open Space

Location: Portland, Oregon

Gateway Green is a 35-acre parcel of mostly vacant land located at the intersection of two interstate highways in Portland, Oregon, and adjacent to the Gateway Urban Renewal area. The land is owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), which has agreed to entertain alternative uses for the property including creating active open space for area residents. On a pro-bono basis, DEA collaborated with local stakeholders to create a program and vision for Gateway Green. DEA team members conducted conversations and gathered input from technical experts and the community to:

  • Improve environmental conditions, especially water and air quality and wildlife habitat.
  • Provide a regional recreational destination, especially for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Provide open space and a possible branding opportunity for the adjacent Gateway Regional Center and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Highlight Portland’s evolving sustainable marketplace and express the region’s use of sustainable design solutions.
The DEA team conducted a one-day community charrette to develop the design of the initial concept plan. After developing the preliminary vision, DEA team members conducted technical review meetings to assess the technical viability of concept options, approaches, details, and strategies. DEA then presented a final version of the vision plan to the community. The Gateway Green vision plan demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, puts the property to better use for the community good, and sets an example for reclamation and reuse of surplus or underused properties across the country.