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Fairview Park Nature and Interpretive Center

Location: Costa Mesa, California

DEA provided master planning, design, and final construction drawings for one of the most significant nature and interpretive facilities of its kind. The park plans included restoring native habitat while providing public access, passive recreation, and interpretive facilities.

Construction of the 211-acre park established significant native habitats, including California native grasslands, coastal bluff scrub, open sandy coastal scrub, and riparian wetlands. These environments provide high-quality habitat for an array of animals including coastal California gnatcatchers, Pacific pocket mice, western burrowing owls, a variety of indigenous raptors, and a multitude of other insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals that are important to these ecosystems.

Also included in the restoration program was the re-establishment of several vernal pools and associated wetlands, which support migratory birds and the endangered San Diego fairy shrimp. Fairview Park includes a variety of trails and interpretive facilities with descriptive signage and interpretive exhibits that educate the public about the site’s rich cultural, biological, and geological heritage.

Project Awards

  • 2004 Comprehensive Planning Award for Creative Solutions for Habitat Restoration and Mitigation, APA, California Chapter, Orange County Section

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