Land Development

Land Use Planning

Trillium Master Planned Community

Location: Buckeye, Arizona

DEA revised the original development master plan, prepared the Phase I and II preliminary plats, and processed the documents through the Town of Buckeye. DEA worked with the client to secure the necessary public agency approvals to construct a wastewater treatment facility and a potable water well system and water treatment facility to serve the 3,042-acre site. DEA developed improvement plans for the major roadway system and sanitary sewer collection system; assisted in designing the wastewater treatment facility design, the water distribution system, two new potable water wells, and a treatment facility; and developed final plats and improvement plans for various portions of the community. The original client sold the development to Eldorado Holdings to serve as the main entry to the Douglas Ranch 36,000-acre Master Plan. Eldorado then brought DEA onto its team to continue developing the property.

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