Land Development

Land Use Planning

Amaranth Master Planned Community

Location: Goodyear, Arizona

Working in concert with the master developer, DEA provided preliminary plat, construction documents and final plat services for the first 690-acre phase of this development. The project area, which was recently annexed into the City of Goodyear, will ultimately become a 10,000-acre master planned community. Major transportation corridors surround the project, including the SR 303L extension and SR 238.

The vision is to create a project framework incorporating community, environmental responsibility, economic health, and aesthetic elements into each area. Interpreting the new urban vision to create a unique sense of place, DEA provided value added expertise by working with four architecture firms to implement sustainable building and village design; provide vehicle trip reduction; design inventive street cross sections; use alternative materials for parking areas; conduct grading and hydrology analyses for bio-swales; incorporate graded retention areas to allow full active recreation programs; and use reclaimed water for irrigation.

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