Land Development

Land Use Planning

Smith-Bybee Natural Resource Management Plan

Location: Portland, Oregon

DEA’s team of planners, biologists, engineers, and landscape architects collaborated to develop a 10-year management plan for one of the largest urban natural systems in the country. Smith Bybee Wetlands Natural Area (SBWNA) provides Portland residents opportunities to witness nature within convenient proximity to their homes and jobs. Access to SBWNA is critical to its long-term health and stewardship. Visitors can boat, walk, and bike in the area via a system of trails that link a variety of amenities to one another and to regional trail facilities. The latest iteration of the SBWNA Management Plan integrates the St. John’s landfill into the system. DEA worked with Metro and trail advocates in planning for a series of trails and interpretive nodes around the landfill that link it to SBWNA and Portland’s 40-Mile Loop trail system. Features include a new bike/pedestrian bridge across the Columbia Slough, a series of overlooks on top of the landfill, and trailside pullouts with interpretive signage.

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