Design-Build Services


Eagle Creek Bridge Emergency Repair Design-Build

Location: Clackamas County, Oregon

One week after being contacted by officials at Clackamas County, Oregon, to investigate a bridge scour and cracking problem, the DEA-F.E. Ward design-build team was onsite to repair the failing bridge. The DEA team consulted with several state and federal agencies to obtain a permit to perform work during the last two weeks of the annual in-water work period.

The project replaced an entire in-water pier, which was founded on spread footings that had scoured and were failing. In order to meet state requirements, a custom weathering steel pier wall was constructed and filled with clean rock to protect the new pile trestle from flood debris. Using the new piles, the bridge was jacked into its original position and a new crossbeam was constructed.

Project Awards

  • 2003 Project of the Year, Emergency Repair Projects Under $2 Million, APWA