Copco #2 115/69 kV Substation

Location: Siskiyou County, California

DEA was contracted to prepare a scope and to design the rebuilding of an existing 115 kV/69 kV yard from a radial bus configuration to an initial ring-bus configuration with an ultimate break-and-a-half configuration. The project included the addition of one 115 kV/69 kV autotransformer, two GSU transformers, metal-clad switchgear, and a control house. In addition, an onsite fuel station, two metal storage units, and a wood barn had to be relocated. The design also required modifying the yard and access road for the potential use of a mobile transformer.

As the engineering design consultant, DEA provided a range of services:

  • Project scoping support
  • Physical design
  • One and three line diagrams
  • Foundation design
  • Structural design
  • Site grading and drainage design

Additional Services

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