Our Culture

At DEA, we are committed to providing employees with a workplace where they can achieve their professional goals and to providing clients with superior services and successful outcomes. It comes down to living our six Cultural Drivers.

  1. Clarity of expectations

    What this means to employees: If you don’t know what is expected of you, how will you know if you’ve succeeded? At DEA, our people understand what is expected and how their work impacts their careers, DEA’s success, clients’ projects, and the communities in which they live.

    What this means to clients: We constantly strive to understand and clarify each client’s desired outcome both from a project perspective and a relationship perspective. We want to know what you care about.

  2. Effective communication

    What this means to employees: We listen to our people. It’s the best way to learn. We celebrate feedback and work diligently to keep the lines of communication open.

    What this means to clients: Based on our understanding of your expectations, we communicate effectively and with honesty, openness, and consideration.

  3. Accountability

    What this means to employees: It feels good to be on a winning team. At DEA, we hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards. We take ownership of our results and follow through on our commitments.

    What this means to clients: We are accountable to delivering on our clients’ expectations. We will not let circumstances get in the way.

  4. Initiative and creativity

    What this means to employees: We love new ideas. At our core, we embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage employees to act on their ideas.

    What this means to clients: We are creative in the ways we solve project and relationship issues. We will take initiative when challenges arise.

  5. Collaboration and teamwork

    What this means to employees: Join us if you like working as part of a team. When we share knowledge, it permeates throughout the company and transcends geographic boundaries.

    What this means to clients: We collaborate and practice teamwork both with our clients and within our project teams. We strive to be an extension of your staff.

  6. Trust

    What this means to employees: Our foundation rests on trust and respect. Any relationship starts here.

    What this means to clients: We live our Cultural Drivers because we believe that our clients’ trust must be earned.

Your firm has repeatedly provided exceptional service and gone the extra mile to keep our projects on track and on schedule.
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