Water is basic to survival. An efficiently managed water system is resilient in flood or drought conditions.

Water system management is most important at a community scale. Local decisions must be made within an overarching framework of state and federal requirements and local stakeholder needs to maintain a healthy ecosystem while providing the community with a reliable source of clean water.

Funding for the planning, design, and construction of system improvements is a slow, steady process that often requires the convergence of different stakeholder concerns: agricultural, environmental, urban, rural, agency, and community. At DEA, our professionals understand that our greatest value lies in our ability to bring together stakeholders to find common ground in planning for and managing community water systems that benefit everyone.

Our water and natural resources experts have facilitated meaningful discussions between ranchers and environmentalists in parched river basins; brought together divergent interests in farm country to achieve an innovative fish screen design that allows more water for local crops while providing safe fish passage in streams; and successfully worked on-site after a landslide shut down a state highway to monitor the appropriate handling of the emergency repairs in a highly sensitive environment.

At DEA, we are committed to working collaboratively with community members to design water systems that benefit communities and preserve our precious environmental resources.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

  • Endangered Species Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)
  • Federal Emergency Management Act

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Water Infrastructure

  • Urban systems – stormwater management and integrated water strategies
  • Agricultural systems – irrigation systems and non-point regulatory compliance

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Water Resource Management

  • Water supply
  • Watershed management
  • Floodplain management

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Lower Snake River Wind Facility (343 MW)

When Puget Sound Energy undertook a wind energy development project in remote southeast Washington, DEA was there to help.

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Key Contacts

Craig Sheahan
Water Business Unit General Manager